meet the ride or die couple duo

We are incredibly grateful you made it to this page. You want to know more about us and that makes us totally blush! 

We met back in 2014 (Tinder gang where you at), in Southern California where Corey was stationed and Baylie grew up. We were close friends for about 6 months, hiking all over together, and found a mutual feeling of companionship. Then one drunken bonfire night, we shared a kiss, and the rest is wild history. Our love was inevitable, both of us secretly knew it was meant to be, but also too stubborn to admit it. Fast-forward to 8 years later, we live IN A VAN, travel the states, and work together. We feel kinda like yin and yang, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Love is funny because it always finds you when you least expect it (all the writers were on point with that one).

We live for our two fur-babies who love adventuring as much as we do. The way animals resemble their owners is so real. THEY LOVE TO RALLY WITH US WHETHER THAT IS GOING TO CUDDLE-TOWN ALL DAY OR HIKING AROUND, THEY ARE ALWAYS WITH US. We have an italian mastiff named Jack ( or Jack-aroni, Jack-a-lantern, etc) who's 3 and a half Maine Coon named Kitty.


We’re biiiig foodies. we always appreciate a flavorful, delicious meal. We are also both very open to trying new things if you have any suggestions! as far as drinks go, Baylie managed a specialty coffee shop in NC, so it’s fair to say we love a good cup too. We will never turn down a good cocktail or a brew!


“The mountains are calling” is no joke. Our favorite campsites are by a river or a lake, surrounded by big beautiful trees. This can be topped with epic views or along the calming Oregon coast.


random facts

I am an easy going guy who values experience and adventure. I love trying new things, meeting cool people, and traveling to new, interesting places. I really value down-time (chillin' on the couch and binging some quality entertainment with Baylie). Eating well and exercise are two aspects of life that are super important to me. I like staying active whether that's lifting at the gym or hiking around. And, if you could cook a solid steak, you'll live in my head rent-free. Precision long-range shooting is another passion of mine, especially competitions or instructing students at my courses. I enjoy taking the things I've learned from my 10 year military experience and teaching people who also share my passion!

meet corey

I’m a low-key adrenaline junkie... I love the thrill AFTER I've had a decent anxiety attack about it first, weighing the odds of course. But, that's not all I am. I love giving through my art and I love any type of treat (ADHD gang knows that I'm talking about that sweet dopamine drop). A treat can be something delicious, but it's also a beautiful location, quality time with an aligning soul, a magical thrift store find, Corey giving me sweet kisses, words of affirmation, walking in rivers, and finding a good ole hotspring. I'm a "go with the flow" energy, also a taurus and an earth sign. I also have no idea what these really mean.

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