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This part gets a little different. Every photographer or filmmaker documents the events of the day. But, the art of storytelling is where we differ from the majority. There's no script we follow or drag & drop template to our art. Every situation is so unique, so why not show it as it is? Different. Abstract. Beautiful.

Imagine, we are meeting up for the special day. We have already met up (in person hopefully, but sometimes it has to be virtual) and we are all on the same frequency. We know your love languages, your favorite activities together, your most special moments, and you know us all the same. Now this is where we put it all to action. The time is going to be carefully curated to best reflect you and your partner. It’s going to make your energy SHINE. Let’s say your perfect evening together is spending the afternoon by the river. We pick out a few of your favorite activities you already do (so it’s familiar and cozy) like cooking dinner together or roasting mellows on the fire pit. Maybe you love fishing or laying by the river? Watching the moon phases OR maybe you even brought your dirt bikes! Picking out activities you love allows you two to focus on the special moments you enjoy together. It creates the most surreal intimate experience that really allows us to be welcomed into your world. We won’t pose you, but if you need a little help we can guide you into a natural setting. Voila! Magic is created and that is the art of storytelling. 

Whats this storytelling you keep talking about?

Unless you’re in your wedding fit, we love to be involved in the outfit selections. We are here to help you guys look your BEST in whatever environment we are shooting in. We don't want the attention taken from what's important (you) to something that looks off if we can help it. We actually have a style guide just for you! 

what to wear

Our sessions usually involve a little driving off the beaten path or a small hike to get to somewhere completely magical. You want to camp together afterward? Please!! Is the city your jam? Let's go to the place where you two first met. To your favorite coffee shop or sweet little downtown area!


This is an intentionally thought-out session curated to your vibe. Every session is a little different because everyone is so unique! We aren't going to force you to do anything that isn’t true to you. We aren't fictional storytellers.


If you don't have something special in mind, we can provide you with a handful of locations catered towards what you two like. We explore on our own time, so we know the coolest places!


So, here's the scoop. We get HEAVILY invested in our couples. Like, we need to know how you take your coffee and what your main love languages are. This is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship and we want to truly know you two for who you are. If this sounds good to you then continue reading!

01 - we pass your vibe check

You both love everything we have to offer (our hearts & souls) and want us to party with you in Idaho. Corey and I want to be able to help as much as we can through the planning process.  We have zoom calls to talk face to face while listening, creating the mood board, and talking about how much fun we are going to have. We create lists of vendors, finding amazing experiences for you to do, being your professional second opinion on everything to create the wedding of your dreams

02 - It's a date

 Think of us as your on-call best friends. Realistically, we will be spending the entire day with you two and we are here for literally whatever you need. Yea, we are here to record footage of it all, but also will go grab your mom for you, pour your champagne into glasses while you get ready, be an ear to listen if you need to release some energy, and make sure everything happens as smoothly as we made the plan to be. Obviously, we want to party with everyone too!

03 - It's wedding day bb

We part ways and in (or before) 8 weeks we would deliver your wedding photos and a documentary-styled film (8-15 minutes long) as well as a highlight film (about 3 minutes long). But is that where we part ways and never talk again? We hope not. We absolutely love meeting up and getting to hang out again with our past wedding clients because at this point we're all lifelong friends. 🥺💗

04 - Virtual memories

This is a big, fat YES. Traveling is our bread and butter. Let’s go!

Yes, we do! We live full-time in our van so this keeps costs down as we will never need a hotel. The travel fees provide our gas and maintenance! Each fee is worked out individually depending on the adventure.

YES. We totally vibe off of each other and bring out the best in one other. It really comes full circle, especially when we work! Corey brings the calm + centered energy, while Baylie brings the creative spark. Yin-yang.

Uhm, not sure why this is even a question because YES!! We love them!

No, we don’t! Specifically because our work isn't done once the picture or clip is taken. It's the countless hours that we sprinkle our magic dust on the footage that really brings it all to life.

Don’t stress, friend! We have a badass list of creatives that we trust completely if one of us gets the bug. We have a close, professional relationship with each creative on our list. We would contract them out to shoot the day, just like we would. Afterwards, we acquire all of the footage, and edit it ourselves. We would never recommend someone we didn’t think could reflect and uphold the same quality we produce.

let's do it!

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