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This is a big, fat YES. Traveling is our bread and butter. Let’s go!

Yes, we do! We live full-time in our van so this keeps costs down as we will never need a hotel. The travel fees provide our gas and maintenance! Each fee is worked out individually depending on the adventure.

YES. We totally vibe off of each other and bring out the best in one other. It really comes full circle, especially when we work! Corey brings the calm + centered energy, while Baylie brings the creative spark. Yin-yang.

Uhm, not sure why this is even a question because YES!! We love them!

No, we don’t! Specifically because our work isn't done once the picture or clip is taken. It's the countless hours that we sprinkle our magic dust on the footage that really brings it all to life.

Don’t stress, friend! We have a badass list of creatives that we trust completely if one of us gets the bug. We have a close, professional relationship with each creative on our list. We would contract them out to shoot the day, just like we would. Afterwards, we acquire all of the footage, and edit it ourselves. We would never recommend someone we didn’t think could reflect and uphold the same quality we produce.


We are your wedding day emotional support and your guide to the best coffee in any city. We believe photography + films are the best conduits back to your very favorite moments. Our photojournalistic and laid-back style lets you and your love melt into the moments without interruption, so you can feel it all.

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